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Land/CLCChanges19902000_Dyna_LAEA (MapServer)

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Service Description: and Cover Accounts summarize and interpret the 44x43=1892 possible one-to-one changes between the 44 CORINE land cover classes. The changes are grouped to so called flows of land cover and are classified according to major land use processes: • lcf1 Urban land management • lcf2 Urban residential sprawl • lcf3 Sprawl of economic sites and infrastructures • lcf4 Agriculture internal conversions • lcf5 Conversion from forested & natural land to agriculture • lcf6 Withdrawal of farming • lcf7 Forests creation and management • lcf8 Water bodies creation and management • lcf9 Changes of Land Cover due to natural and multiple causes Data source:

Map Name: Corine Landcover changes 1990-2000 LAEA


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Layers: Description: One of the major tasks undertaken in the framework of the Corine programme has been the establishment of a computerised inventory on the land cover. Data on land cover is necessary for the environment policy as well as for other policies such as regional development and agriculture. At the same time it provides one of the basic inputs for the production of more complex information on other themes (soil erosion, pollutant emission into the air by the vegetation, etc.). The objectives of the land cover project are: - to provide those responsible for and interested in the European policy on the environment with quantitative data on land cover, consistent and comparable across Europe; - to prepare one comprehensive land cover database for the 15 EC Member States and other European and North African countries, at an original scale of 1: 100 000, using 44 classes of the 3-level Corine nomenclature.

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