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Agriculture/Cropland_intensification_2010 (MapServer)

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The map describes different aspects of intensification of agroecosystems regarding the high current pressure on cropland by management practices in 2010. The map shows percentage of cropland highly pressured in relation to the total cropland area by NUTS3 area (NUTS2 for Germany) as state indicator.

The state of pressure were calculated by administrative unit. Briefly, the data derives from the condition/pressures assessments done for agroecosystems under ETC/SIA actions for MAES (*). This was used to localise the pressures on agroecosystems coming from management practices at the European level. The nitrogen application data was selected as proxy for measuring the intensification pressure on agro-ecosystem from the Farm Structure Survey (FSS). Those were disaggregated using the Land Use/Cover area Frame Statistical Survey (LUCAS) observation on crop types (Jacques and Gallego, 2005). Multinominal regression, including factors as topographic conditions, soil and climate conditions, population density and accessibility, was used to predict the intensity classes (Temme and Verburg, 2011).

The dataset developed identifies the percentage of cropland areas highly pressured (classes 4 and 5) in 2010 in relation to the total of cropland area by NUTS.



Map Name: Cropland intensification by management practices in 2010, Nov. 2016


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