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Agriculture/Cropland_intensification_LCF_2006_2012 (MapServer)

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Service Description:

The map describes different aspects of intensification of agroecosystems related to the management practices. The dataset represents a pressure trend indicator that is the share of cropland area affected by internal Land Cover flows between CORINE 2006 and 2012, presented at NUTS3 level.

The LCF were used to identify the internal flows related to more intense use, mainly linked to the increase in resource and machinery use. The internal flows related to intensification were defined based on an expert consultation done in the context of the ETC/ULS actions. The next LCF were selected:

- lcf421: Conversion from arable land to permanent irrigation perimeters: Extension of permanent irrigation (incl. rice fields) over arable land

- lcf441: Conversion from permanent crops to permanent irrigation perimeters: Conversion from permanent crops (incl. when associated with arable land - CLC 241) to permanent (large) irrigation perimeters and rice fields

- lcf451: Conversion from arable land to vineyards and orchards: Plantation of vineyards, orchards on arable land.

- lcf452: Conversion from arable land to olive groves: Plantation of olive groves on arable land.

- lcf453: Diffuse conversion from arable land to permanent crops: Conversion from uniform arable land to associations of permanent crops and annual crops (CLC241).

- lcf463: Diffuse conversion from pasture to arable and permanent crops: Conversion from complex cultivation patterns including pasture (CLC242) to uniform arable land and permanent crops as well as to associations of the last two (CLC241) and conversion of uniform pasture (CLC231) to complex cultivation patterns.

Map Name: Cropland intensification by CORINE Land Cover changes 2006-2012, Nov. 2016


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