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Land/Fragmentation (MapServer)

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Service Description: The indicator is based on the method of Effective Mesh Size (meff, Jaeger 2000). The effective mesh size (meff) can be interpreted as the area that is accessible when starting a movement at a randomly chosen point inside a landscape without encountering a physical barrier (hereafter a Fragmentation Geometry). meff expresses the probability that any two points chosen randomly in an area are connected; that is, not separated by Fragmentation Geometries (FGs) such as transport routes or built-up areas. Hence meff is a measure of landscape connectivity, i.e. the degree to which movements between different parts of the landscape is possible. meff is measured as an area (km2), within 1km2 cell size regular grids as reporting units. Please note that the size of the reporting unit does not have an effect on the indicator. The index Effective Mesh Density (seff) is a measure of landscape fragmentation, i.e. the degree to which movement between different parts of the landscape is interrupted by FGs. The seff value is calculated as 1000/meff, hence number of meshes per 1000 km2. The map shows the distribution of fragmentation classes across Europe. Classes represent the number of meshes per 1 000 km2. Light colors mean less fragmentation pressure and dark colors mean higher fragmentation pressure of urban and transport infrastructure expansion.

Map Name: Fragmentation pressure of urban and transport infrastructure expansion


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