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Service Description: The concept of HNV farmland ties together biodiversity to the continuation of farming on certain types of land and the maintenance of specific farming systems. The general goal of the data set is to enhance the European map of HNV farmland 2000 that shows the estimated distribution and presence likelihood of HNV farmland across the whole European territory. The HNV farmland map aims to gain a better insight into the distribution and extent of farmland that holds a special biodiversity value, and to develop a more effective tool for carrying out further analyses on spatial and time trends. A first version of the European HNV map developed by JRC/EEA in 2008 was based on CORINE land cover 2000 and biodiversity-related data sets (Paracchini, M. L.; Petersen, J.-E.; Hoogeveen, Y.; Bamps, C.; Burfield, I. and van Swaay, C., 2008. High Nature Value Farmland in Europe. An estimate of the distribution patterns on the basis of land cover and biodiversity data. JRC Scientific and Technical Reports. European Communities, Luxembourg). A further update of HNV farmland in Europe was carried out in 2012 to update the HNV farmland dataset based on the CLC data 2006 and to include countries previously not part of the European HNV farmland assessment. The main focus of the 2017 exercise was to update the HNV farmland dataset based on the CLC 2012 accounting layer and to recalculate HNV 2000 based on the CLC 2000 accounting layer in order to maintain coherence for the calculation of a time series and changes between HNV 2000 and HNV 2012.

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Copyright Text: Michael Weiss, Gebhard Banko (Environment Agency Austria)

Spatial Reference: 102100  (3857)

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