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Land/LandscapeFragmentation_LAEA (MapServer)

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Service Description: Landscape fragmentation caused by transportation infrastructure and built-up areas has a number of ecological effects. It contributes significantly to the decline and loss of wildlife populations and to the increasing endangerment of species in Europe, for example through the dissection and isolation of populations, and affects the water regime and the recreational quality of landscapes. In spite of the planning concept of preserving large unfragmented areas, fragmentation has continued to increase during the last 20 years, and many more new transportation infrastructure projects are planned, in particular in eastern Europe, which will further increase the level of landscape fragmentation significantly. Note: Seff = -2 fully fragmented urban (barrier) areas Seff = -1 (no colour) mountains and large rivers that are excluded from calculation Seff = 0 to 1 000 000 (number of meshes per 1 000 sq. km) Data source:

Map Name: Landscape Fragmentation 2009 LAEA


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Layers: Description: Fragmentation geometry has been created from input data (TeleAtlas roads/rails, CLC urban classes, mountain areas / mountain ridges based on Nordregio and WorldClim data and rivers/lakes based on Catchment Characterisation and Modelling (CCM) v.2 database and CLC database) and landscape fragmentation metrics (Jaeger 2000) has been calculated

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