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Land/Refined_degree_of_urbanisation (MapServer)

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Service Description: This WMS includes the refined version of the degree of urbanisation dataset for Europe. The degree of urbanisation relies on a population grid to classify local units. Originally the classification system was developed for the European Statistical System to classify local units into three classes: cities, towns & suburbs, and rural areas. This system was further refined to capture the full settlement hierarchy.The degree of urbanisation is applied in a two-step process: First the grid cells are defined based on density, contiguity and population size. Subsequently small spatial units are defined based on the type of grid cells most of their population resides in. The dataset is based on 2011 population grid of GEOSTAT and the European Settlement Map 2012 from Copernicus, identifies six classes: 1) cities, 2) towns, 3) suburbs, 4) villages, 5) dispersed rural areas and 6) mostly uninhabited areas.

Map Name: Refined degree of urbanisation


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Layers: Description: This WMS presents the refined version of the degree of urbanisation of European countries that captures the full settlement hierarchy. The system includes: mostly uninhabited, dispersed rural areas, villages, suburbs, towns and urban centres

Copyright Text: @ DG Regio, European Commission

Spatial Reference: 102100  (3857)

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