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Urban_Sprawl/DIS_1km_2009y (MapServer)

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Service Description: The new urban sprawl metric, named „Weighted Urban Proliferation“ (WUP) is based on the following definition of urban sprawl: the more area built over in a given landscape (amount of built-up area) and the more dispersed this built-up area in the landscape (spatial configuration), and the higher the uptake of built-up area per inhabitant or job (lower utilization intensity in the built-up area), the higher the degree of urban sprawl. Weighted Urban Proliferation (WUP) metric has three components: the percentage of built-up areas, the dispersion of the built-up areas, and land uptake per person.Degree of urban dispersion (DIS) characterizes the settlement pattern in a geometric perspective and is based on the distances between any two points within built-up areas (average taken over all possible pairs of points, up to a maximum distance called the horizon of perception). The farther apart the two points, the higher their contribution to dispersion. This metric is expressed in urban permeation units (UPU) per m2 of built-up area. Higher values indicate a higher dispersion (between 0 and 49.7 UPU/m2). Dispersion is weighted by the w1(DIS) function to make those parts of the landscape where built-up areas are more dispersed more clearly perceived (w1(DIS) > 1), while compact settled areas are multiplied by a lower weighting (i.e. < 1).

Map Name: Urban Sprawl Europe, 1 km LEAC grid, 2009 year


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