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Urban_Sprawl/UP_1km_2009y (MapServer)

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Service Description: The new urban sprawl metric, named „Weighted Urban Proliferation“ (WUP) is based on the following definition of urban sprawl: the more area built over in a given landscape (amount of built-up area) and the more dispersed this built-up area in the landscape (spatial configuration), and the higher the uptake of built-up area per inhabitant or job (lower utilization intensity in the built-up area), the higher the degree of urban sprawl. Weighted Urban Proliferation (WUP) metric has three components: the percentage of built-up areas, the dispersion of the built-up areas, and land uptake per person Besides WUP and its components, the next indicators was calculated: Urban Permeation (UP). UP is a measure of the permeation of a landscape by built‑up areas. UP is a product of PBA and DIS and describes the degree to which the landscape is permeated by patches of built-up area. It represents the spread of the built-up areas in the landscape. It is found useful to work with it in addition to the three components of WUP. UP is expressed in urban permeation units per m2 of land (UPU/m2). Values for landscapes of differing sizes can be directly compared because UP is an intensive metric, i.e., its value does not depend on the size of the landscape (Jaeger et al. 2010b).

Map Name: Urban Sprawl Europe, 1 km LEAC grid, 2009 year


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